Day IX in Copenhagen: Gearing Up to “Reclaim Power”

By Jacqui Patterson, NAACP Climate Justice Initiative Director

Today was a day of organizing, planning, drafting, and evading capture!

There were conversations to plan for the “Reclaiming Power” People’s Assembly Demonstration that is occurring tomorrow.  The demonstration will involve folks gathering near the Bella Center and then marching to the Bella Center to protest the exclusion of civil society from negotiations and resulting lack of democracy. Simultaneously, the few who had passes to enter are going to mobilize to do a march out in solidarity.

At some point during the course of the day, the cyber-ways and hallways were filled with the word “Don’t go to the Rad” which was where we were supposed to have the big conversation to plan for the rally. Several of the planners, including Climate Justice Action’s Tadzio Mueller, had been arrested by undercover “politi” (police persons) who had infiltrated those  planning spaces for the sole purpose of obstructing organizing for the demonstration.  Rumors were that the police even used wiretaps to gain intelligence on the plans.

Otherwise, our intrepid delegation spent the day drafting a letter to President Obama which was to be delivered to the US embassy in advance of his arrival and call on him to be accountable to the electorate for the campaign promises he made to advance aggressive action on climate change.

Towards the end of the day I accompanied friends to the mall. One of the friends had to retrieve a lost glove that he had left there when he took a break, from his seven hours in line to pick up his accreditation on Monday, to get something to eat . Besides spending good times with good friends, my goal was to pick up a pair of boots so that my time at the demonstration wouldn’t be marred by having to stand around for several hours in those mini-torture chambers I call my “cute boots”. So I emerged from the mall with a sturdy, albeit dowdy pair, that would do the job! 🙂

We ended the day with a strategy session at the group house. I parted the house bound for my apartment, just shy of midnight thinking of the day ahead and the adventures we would face.

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2 Comments on “Day IX in Copenhagen: Gearing Up to “Reclaim Power””

  1. Robert Says:

    Thank you for the splendid in-depth reporting that couldn’t be found in the mainstream media. Further, your brave and tireless efforts to give voice to the voiceless are priceless. May your last day be as fruitful.

    • jacquipatterson1 Says:

      Thanks so much, Robert, for this lovely comment. It’s feedback like yours that kept up the effort. I’m on the site to post my last day, albeit belatedly. Thank you once again. I’m so glad this was helpful!

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