Day IV Clearing the Air Road Tour—New Albany, IN–R Gallagher Generating Station

The R Gallagher Generating Station  is located in the small town of New Albany, Indiana and is right across the river from Louisville, Kentucky, Though New Albany is only 7% African American, the majority of the African American population live within a 3 mile radius of the power plant and are in an income bracket which is substantially lower than the rest of the community.

Mr. James Hickerson is a retired fireman who has resided in New Albany, about 2 miles from the R Gallagher plant, since he was born in 1929. Three years ago he lost his wife to lung cancer and it should be noted that high rates of lung cancer deaths have been tied to coal fired power plants. Mr. Hickerson took me on a tour of the area surrounding the power plant.

Ms. Nicole Yates, President of the New Albany branch of the NAACP, has also lived in New Albany her whole life. She describes growing up in New Albany as well as her reaction to discovering the threat of this polluting power plant in her community.

Ms. Rhoda Temple Morton was born and raised in New Albany over 50 years ago. As home care nurse, she has seen much in the way of respiratory illnesses and works with folks who have become so debilitated that they are homebound.  Her father worked for 27 years in the R Gallagher plant and died from liver cancer which she believes was secondary to lung cancer, due to a spot that they found on his lung and a chronic cough he had for much of the latter years of his life.

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