Day V Clearing the Air Road Tour—Chicago, IL—Fisk and Crawford Plants

Chicago has the dubious honor of being host to two of the highest emitting power plants in the nation, Fisk  and Crawford  Generating Stations. These plants are located on the lower west side of Chicago, in the Pilsen   and Little Village  neighborhoods which are predominantly Latino.  Other nearby neighborhoods include a significant population of African Americans. Within a stone’s throw of each plant are homes, parks, schools, etc.

Ms. Kimberly Harrington lives in Chicago and is a registered nurse.  She comments on the health effects and trends she sees and speculates on the link to the coal fired power plants.  To hear what Kimberly had to say, click here:

Ms. Kimberly Wasserman was born and raised in Chicago and is also raising her three children there.  Ms. Wassmerman works for the Little Village Environmental Organization and resides in Little Village. She took me on a tour of the Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods surrounding the Fisk and Crawford Coal Fired Power Plants.  To see and hear the tour, please follow this link:

Kimberly shares another campaign related to climate and environmental justice.  Our dependence on dirty sources of energy that are diminishing in supply/access is one of the contributors to rising costs for transportation and other expenses.   Lack of regard for low income communities of color has meant that cuts to city budgets impact these communities most. Therefore the Little Village Neighborhood is facing cuts in its transportation lines, thereby isolating the community and disabling members from accessing goods and services.  To hear about this campaign, please follow this link:

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