Day VI Clearing the Air Road Tour—Denver, CO—Cherokee Plant

The Cherokee Generating Station  is located in Commerce City,  approximately 5 miles north of downtown Denver. The communities in the immediate surrounding areas are largely low income Latino communities. Directly adjacent to the Power Plant, literally 50 feet away from the entrance is a small residential rehabilitation/correctional facility called “Time to Change”. Within blocks of the facility is a trailer park. Certainly within polluting distance are communities which are predominantly African American as well.

Myron Wilson, who lives just North of Denver in Aurora, an area adjacent to Commerce City, shares his perspective on the Cherokee plant and its hazard to communities.

Ashara Ekundayo, culture worker,co- founder of Blue and Yellow Logic,  and Green For All Fellow   shares her reflection as well as taking me on a tour of the area near the plant and the rail line that carries the uncovered coal (spreading coal dust) to be processed.  Ashara speaks eloquently about the connection of the coal industry to our everyday lives with references to food access, jobs, transportation, etc.

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