BP Gulf Oil Disaster NAACP Investigation DAY I—Gulf Coast People’s Movement Assembly–Biloxi, MS

My first full day on the tour started at an opportune time, as I was able to participate in the 2nd Gulf Coast People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) in Biloxi, MS, a meeting of 40+ community based organizers, activists, and other workers.   With an overarching frame around climate change and the gulf oil disaster as one incident stemming from poor energy choices and the nation’s damaging over-reliance on fossil fuels, people gathered to share their experiences and analyses of both the impact of the oil disaster in their communities, and what they can do to uphold the human rights and wellbeing of the gulf coast residents. Participating organizations included the Steps Coalition, Project South, New Orleans Women’s Clinic, Coastal Women for Change, Gulf Coast Fellows, Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, Oxfam, and NAACP, among others.

The PMA raised issues and concerns as well as identified priorities for action. Prominent matters were the looming threat of hurricane season, physical and mental health, worker safety, housing and right to return, economic issues and the claims process, differential impact of climate change on women and women’s rights, etc.

This PMA was part of the lead-up to the US Social Forum where the group met again, with others to further this discuss leading towards a resolution that people would agree on to frame action on this disaster specifically as well as advance an ecological justice agenda that protects the gulf coast residents and beyond.

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