Voices of the Gulf–Economic Devastation

In my conversations with communities in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi, it was very clear that thousands of people have suffered extreme financial impact from this disaster. After 12 months with little to no relief, many people are reaching the end of their ropes.  In a region which had yet to recover from the compounded massacres from four major hurricanes over the past 5 years, the Gulf Oil Drilling Disaster landed on top of existing vulnerabilities for many, and toppled the gains of those who had fully recovered.  Landlords, banks, insurance companies and other debt holders have extended as much grace as they were willing to offer and rates of foreclosure, car and boat note loss, insurance withdrawal, etc. have spiked significantly.

Stanley Encalade of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, shares his economic and other impacts.

Glendon Miller, a fisherman in Plaquemines parish also lost much in the disaster.

Thao Jennifer Vu works with the Mercy Housing Development Corporation and closely serves the Vietnamese American Community. She describes the challenges faced by several of the families with whom she works in the Bilioxi Mississippi area.

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