Nature’s Fury—the Impact of Climate Change in the US South DAY III–Tuesday

Survival in Rosedale

A group of us went to visit Rosedale where Mr. Carter stewarded us through visiting the areas and assessing the situation. We saw a ravaged area and met up with a group of young boys bouncing a basketball down the street. One of the boys had survived the storm in his home with his family. They huddled together in the bathtub, remembering some words of guidance from some past advisories on storm response. After the storm passed the young man with whom we were talking said he raised his head and found himself on the sidewalk outside and there was nothing left standing of his home. Fortunately, the rest of his family survived as well. He showed us his mom’s car which had been found several hundred yards away from the home.

Family car, found blocks away from the home

Communities Coming Together in Tuscaloosa, AL

The branch in Tuscaloosa was hard at work at one of the disaster recovery centers. They were doing the critical task of organizing donated clothing for distribution to families in need.

Sorting Socks in Tuscaloosa

Their frustration was evident as they stated, “We’ve seen Bill Cosby, Condoleeza Rice, Charles Barkley, and others. That’s fine that they have come to visit but our question is what are you here to do? Are you going to help us sort these shoes? Are you bringing some money? We need help!!”

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