Nature’s Fury—the Impact of Climate Change in the US South DAY V and VI Thursday and Friday

Eutaw FEMA Disaster Recovery Center Serves Neighboring Towns


Driving back from Geiger, I stopped in Eutaw because I spotted a sign for a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center.  Inside the community center there was a gymnasium set up to receive survivors with questions or concerns regarding their recovery process.  Representatives were there from the Small Business Association, American Red Cross, FEMA, and other State Agencies.  This center was set up to serve people in Eutaw and neighboring towns. They stated that FEMA also did door to door outreach to make sure that people knew they were there.

The FEMA rep with whom I met was originally from Barbados, now lives in Boston and was glad to be working on this critical mission.

Devastation, As Far as the Eye Could See

In Pratt City I found the most vast scene of destruction I had witnessed since arriving in Alabama. As I stood on the hilltop and looked over the scene there was literally nothing standing as I surveyed blocks and blocks of wreckage.

Destruction As Far As the Eye Can See


Pratt City Home Damage


I stood on ground that was the former site of a gas station.  As I stood there, several other people drove up and stopped to also look at the scene in horror and wonder at the power of sheer wind.

Again, in Pratt City, the altruism of faith based institutions was evident, even while one facility of the African Methodist Episcopal church was a casualty of the storms.

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One Comment on “Nature’s Fury—the Impact of Climate Change in the US South DAY V and VI Thursday and Friday”

  1. Mama Gladys Says:

    Jacqui, thanks for helping us keep a finger on the pulse of what can happen by nature’s desire and the compassionate desire by human responses.
    While difficult to view such devastation up close thru your written descriptions and camera images, I find myself engrossed in the reality of uncertainty, yet abundant blessings. Stay well. We pray for you and the citizens of AL/MS. Mama G

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