Nature’s Fury—the Impact of Climate Change in the US South DAY VII Saturday—PART II

Greenville Restaurant--Only the Roof and Tree Tops Visible

Tracing My Roots

The gentlemen were generous enough to take a slight detour so that I could visit Dublin, MS, the small unincorporated town in which my Mom was born!! What an amazing treat.  We almost missed it because driving through the “town” took about a minute. J  I was beyond delighted to be able to visit the place of my Mom’s birth.


Mom's Home Town, Dublin, MS

Paying Homage to the Sacrifice of Heroes

As we drove on we encountered Parchman, MS, which is host to a place that played a critical role in the history of the Mississippi Freedom Riders, the Mississippi State Penitentiary.  As we drove by, Jesse Harris took pictures and pointed out the building where he was housed during the struggle. He then remarked, “This is the closest I ever want to get to that place again.”  We all nodded solemnly as we looked out at this place that holds so much in the way of history, memories, and symbolism of honor for those who sacrificed so much for the freedom of their brothers and sisters.

Jesse Harris

Greenville Prepares for the Onslaught

As we neared the area where the levee is in Greenville, we saw scenes of a town preparing for the worst, though the official word is that the levees were not expected to be breeched. Nonetheless, the courthouse was surrounded by sandbags as they fortified themselves, just in case.

Courthouse fortified by sandbags

It was a strange scene as many people were filing up and down the hill to the top of the levees to look out over the sight of the already flooded areas, almost as if it was a tourist attraction. There were families, couples, and others looking out and taking pictures.

The Levee--A Tourist Attraction?

The images were striking to say the least. Scenes of buildings completely submerged with only the roofs visible, parks under water with only the tree tops peeking out above the water, walkways and parking spaces completely inundated, etc. characterized the vista.

Casino Inundated

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