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Contact NAACP Climate Justice Initiative Director Jacqui Patterson in Copenhagen: jpatterson (at)


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  1. Brad Brown Says:

    Appreciate your blogs from Copenhagen I am listing a couple of events and displays I suggest you go to as I believe that these are areas where in the future the NAACP can influence policy decisions and you can be a key to doing this (the ADP and IAB in particular) more effectively than any other racial equity group. I know the event is overwelming as I was part of the UNESCO -IOC Delegation to WSSD in Jo-Burg a few years ago. When you get back please contact me 305 336 5104 my e-mail is above. In the NAACP I am a former Miami-Dade Br. Pres and current 1st vp and serve on the National Boards Int’l committee and have been involved with efforts re EJ and NAACP over the years. I am a retired marine scientist and still work on marine projects around the coast of Africa ( 3 trips 5 countries this year. Brad

    • Brendolyn L.Jenkins Says:

      Brother Brad,
      Would very much like to talk with you when we return from Copenhagen. Perhaps we can help Sister Jacqui advance the cause among the NAACP.

      • faheem Says:

        Read how an NAACP program transformed a prison from blowing up, to having it’s inmates participate in meetings and running programs.

  2. Brendolyn L.Jenkins Says:

    COP15 & Klimaforum has been exhausting and exciting. The people, the passion and the presence are awesome. In spite of the protests, police actions and demonstrations, many of us have found community among each other. It never ceases to amaze me how peoples of color can find our collective voice when we seek to do so. The issues that I have been made aware of are far more than I came here knowing and I will return to Aiken, SC with a global perspective of the issue.
    The NAACP, both nationally and locally, is in a very unique position to advance this cause. Let us remember the past “Crisis” article by Dr. Robert Bullard that states that “environmental justice is the new civil rights”. We must speak up and speak out about global warming and climate change and what we can and will do about it.
    The NAACP, both nationally and locally, is in a very unique position to demand that the new “Green Economy” have the economic development of our communities front and center. We must empower our communities by taking advantage of the training intitiatives and partnerships available to us.
    I want to thank Sister Jacqui Patterson for her knowledge and insight on the issues. I know that she will be a very valuable asset to the NAACP. It was not coincidental that we sat next to eachother, but it was divine intervention to draw us together in the same place and space for “such a time as this”!

    • Malichi Says:

      Dear Ms. Jenkins,
      Not just to speak of global warming–locally in my community so many school buses just making rounds and picking up children to take them to other areas or other schools seems upsurd. In stead of remedying the schools in the neighborhood so that it would prevent from using these buses which expudiate horrific amounts of toxic fumes which will eventually kill off the future generations and or increase respiratory illness; doesn’t it make sense to eradicate excessive vehicles locally and nationwide which will help alleviate the situation?

  3. Kevin Myles Says:

    Excellent work Brendolyn and Jacqui! Hats off to you both…

    • jacquipatterson1 Says:

      Thanks, Kevin! it was a great pleasure to meet Rev. Brendolyn and I was so glad that she consented to spread her light through the interview! I look forward to working with her back home and I hope that you might also be interested in getting involved in the climate work? If so, please let’s talk at your earliest convenience! Most warmly, JP

  4. Tonya Fleming Says:

    My 9 year old son died while playing basketball due to sudden cardiac arrest. No coach knew CPR and the certified cpr staff person wasn’t around which is the law when the kids are in the gym playing. He was takin to the nearest via ambulance and left outside and no one came out to care for him. No doctor, medical personnel, etc. I had lawyers that told me to drop the case after 2+ years of holding it up. I am so hurt and discounted as an american and a tax payer and more importantly, a parent. He was everyones child. What can I do about this? I can’t let this just be swept under the rug and everyones life goes on except me and his brother thats a senior and struggling everyday along with me. Please help?

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